TOEFL Review Exercise (1-19)

Pilih Jawaban yang tepat!

1. _____ variety of flowers in the show, from simple carnations to the most exquisite roses.
(A) A wide
(B) There was a wide
(C) Was there
(D) Many

2. The wedges _____ dart board are worth from one to twenty points each.
(A) they are on a
(B) are on a
(C) are they on a
(D) on a

3. _____ producing many new movies for release after the new season begins.
(A) His company is
(B) His companies
(C) The company
(D) Why the company is

4. _____ that Emily Dickinson wrote, 24 were given titles and 7 were published during her lifetime.
(A) Of the 1,800 poems
(B) There were 1,800 poems
(C) Because the 1,800 poems
(D) The 1,800 poems

5. Since an immediate change was needed on an emergency basis, _____ by the governor to curtail railway expenditure.
(A) so it was proposed
(B) was proposed
(C) because of the proposal
(D) it was proposed

6. In the Morgan Library in New York City _____ of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts.
(A) a collection is
(B) in a collection
(C) is a collection
(D) which is a collection

7. Some fishing fleets might not have been so inefficient in limiting their catch to target species _____ more strict in enforcing penalties.
(A) the government had been
(B) if the government had
(C) had the government been
(D) if the government

8. The Dewey Decimal System, currently used in libraries throughout the world, _____ all written works into ten classes according to subject.
(A) dividing
(B) divides
(C) it would divide
(D) was divided

9. Individual differences in brain-wave activity may shed light on why some people are more prone to emotional stress disorders _____.
(A) that others are
(B) and others are
(C) others are
(D) than are others

10. _____ squeezed, the orange juice in a one-cup serving provides twice the minimum daily requirement for vitamin C.
(A) It is freshly
(B) If freshly
(C) You freshly
(D) If it freshly

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