Exercise 18 - Invert the subject and verb with conditionals

Tentukan apakah kalimat berikut benar (correct) atau salah (incorrect)!

1. Were our neighbors a bit more friendly, it would be somewhat easier to get to know them.
2. There are plenty of blankets in the closet if should you get cold during the night.
3. Has he enough vacation days left this year, he will take two full weeks off in December.
4. Had we been informed of the decision, we might have had something to say about it.
5. I would like to know could you help me pack these boxes.
6. He would have been in big trouble had not he remembered the assignment at the last minute.
7. If your friends come to visit, will they stay in a hotel or at your house?
8. He might be a little more successful today were he a little more willing to do some hard work.
9. Should you ever visit this town again, I would be delighted to show you around.      
10. Do you think that she would give the speech were she asked to do so?

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