Exercise 23 - Make verbs agree after certain words

Tentukan apakah kalimat berikut benar (correct) atau salah (incorrect)!

1. It is impossible to believe that somebody actually admire that man.
2. Each of the doctors in the building needs to have a separate reception area.
3. The president felt that no one were better suited for the position of chief staff advisor.
4. Everybody participating in the fund-raiser are to turn in the tickets by 8:00.
5. Because of the low number of orders, nothing has to be done now.
6. Every time someone take unnecessary breaks, precious moments of production time are lost.
7. Anybody who goes to the top of the Empire State Building is impressed with the view.
8. Every man, woman, and child in this line are required to sign the forms in order to complete the registration process.
9. It is nice to believe that anything is possible if a person tries hard enough.
10. The company reiterated to reporters that nobody have been dismissed because of the incident.

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