TOEFL Exercise (6-8)

Pilih Jawaban yang tepat!

1. The president of the United States appoints the cabinet members, ……. appointments are subject to Senate approval.
(a) their
(b) with their
(c) because their
(d) but their

2. The prisoners were prevented from speaking to reporters because ……. .
(a) not wanting the story in the papers
(b) the story in the papers the superintendent did not want
(c) the public to hear the story
(d) the superintendent did not want the story in the papers

3. Like Thomas Berger’s fictional character Little Big Man, Lauderdale managed to find himself where ……. of important events took place.
(a) it was an extraordinary number
(b) there was an extraordinary number
(c) an extraordinary number
(d) an extraordinary number existed

4. ……. sucked groundwater from below, some parts of the city have begun to sink as much as ten inches annually.
(a) Pumps have
(b) As pumps have
(c) So pumps have
(d) With pumps

5. Case studies are the target of much skepticism in the scientific community. ……. used extensively by numerous researchers.
(a) they are
(b) are
(c) yet they
(d) yet they are

6. According to the hypothesis in the study, the monarchs pick up the magnetic field of the ……. migrate by following magnetic fields.
(a) target monarchs
(b) target since monarchs
(c) target since monarchs are target
(d) target

7. ……. show that relations among neurons, they do not preclude the possibility that other aspects are important.
(a) Neural theories
(b) A neural theory
(c) Although neural theories
(d) However neural theories

8. ……. Or refinanced, the lender will generally require setting up an escrow account to ensure the payment of property taxes and homeowner’s insurance.
(a) A home is
(b) A home is bought
(c) When a home
(d) When a home is bought

9. If ultraviolet radiation enters the Earth’s atmosphere, ……. generally blocked by the ozone concentrated in the atmosphere.
(a) it
(b) it is
(c) so it is
(d) then it

10. Among human chromosomes, the Y chromosome is unusual ……. most of the chromosome does not participate in meiotic recombination.
(a) in
(b) so
(c) and
(d) in that

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