TOEFL Review Exercise (1-12)

Pilih Jawaban yang tepat!

1. _____ loom high above the northern and northeastern boundaries of the expanding city of Tucson.
(A) The Santa Catalina mountains
(B) Because the Santa Catalina mountains
(C) The Santa Catalina mountains are
(D) That the Santa Catalina mountains

2. Radioactive ____ provides a powerful way to measure geologic time.
(A) it
(B) dates
(C) dating
(D) can

3. _____ contained in the chromosomes, and they are thought of as the units of heredity.
(A) Genes which are
(B) Genes are
(C) When genes
(D) Because of genes

4. The benefit _____ the study is that it provides necessary information to anyone who needs it.
(A) of
(B) which
(C) that
(D) because

5. The same symptoms that occur _____ occur with cocaine.
(A) amphetamines can
(B) with amphetamines can
(C) so amphetamines
(D) with amphetamines they

6. Many companies across the country have molded the concepts _____ describes into an integrated strategy for preventing stress.
(A) and Wolf
(B) that Wolf
(C) what Wolf
(D) so Wolf

7. _____ in the first draft of the budget will not necessarily be in the final draft.
(A) Although it appears
(B) It appears
(C) What appears
(D) Despite its appearance

8. If a food label indicates that a food is mostly carbohydrate, it does not mean _____ is a good food to eat.
(A) and it
(B) and
(C) that it
(D) when

9. A need for space law to include commercial concerns has been recognized inasmuch _____ been expanding drastically in recent years.
(A) the commercial launch industry
(B) the commercial launch industry has
(C) as has the commercial launch industry
(D) as the commercial launch industry has

10. The report on the nuclear power plant indicated that when the plant had gone on line _____ unsafe.
(A) and it had been
(B) it had been
(C) had been
(D) that it had been

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