Exercise 15 - Invert the subject and verb with question words

Tentukan apakah kalimat berikut benar (correct) atau salah (incorrect)!

1. The phone company is not certain  when the new directories be ready.
2. The professor does not understand why so many students di poorly on the exam.
3. How new students can get information about parking?
4. Where is it cheapest to get typeset copies printed?
5. Only the pilot can tell you how far can the plane go on one tank of fuel.
6. What type of security does he prefer for his investments?
7. Not even the bank president knows when the vault will be opened.
8. How long it has been since you arrived in the United States?
9. The jury doubts what the witness said under cross-examination.
10. Do you know why he wants to take an extended leave of absence?

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