TOEFL Exercise (13-14)

Pilih Jawaban yang tepat!

1. When ___ nests during spring nesting season, Canadian geese are fiercely territorial.
(A) building
(B) are building
(C) built
(D) are built

2. In 1870, Calvin, along with Adirondack hunter Alvah Dunning, made the first known ascent of Seward Mountain, ____ far from roads or trails.
(A) a remote peak
(B) it is a remote peak
(C) a remote peak is
(D) which a remote peak

3. Kokanee salmon begin to deteriorate and die soon _____ at the age of four.
(A) they spawn
(B) after spawning
(C) spawn
(D) spawned the salmon

4. _____ behind government secrecy for nearly half a century, the Hanford plant in central Washington produced plutonium for the nuclear weapons of the Cold War.
(A) It is hidden
(B) Hidden
(C) Which is hidden
(D) The plant is hiding

5. Until _____ incorrect, astronomers had assumed that the insides of white dwarfs were uniform.
(A) they
(B) their proof
(C) the astronomers recently proven
(D) recently proven

6. ______ artifacts from the early Chinese dynasties, numerous archeologists have explored the southern Silk Road.
(A) They were searching for
(B) It was a search for
(C) Searched for
(D) Searching for

7. In Hailey, the best-known lecturer was women’s rights activist Abigail Scott Duniway of Portland, Oregon, who could usually be persuaded to speak _____ town visiting her son.
(A) she was in
(B) while in
(C) while she was
(D) was in

8. The National Restaurant _____ Washington, says that federal efforts to regulate workplace smoking would limit restaurants’ ability to respond to the desires of their patrons.
(A) Association in
(B) Association is in
(C) Association which is in
(D) Association, based in

9. _____ in North American waterways a little over a decade ago, zebra mussels have already earned a nasty reputation for their expensive habit of clogging water pipes in the Great Lakes area.
(A) The first sighting
(B) Although first sighted
(C) Zebra mussels were first sighted
(D) First sighting

10. Small companies may take their goods abroad for trade shows without paying foreign value-added taxes by acquiring _____ an ATA carnet.
(A) a document calls
(B) a document called
(C) calls a document
(D) called a document

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