Exercise 16 - Invert the subject and verb with place expressions

Tentukan apakah kalimat berikut benar (correct) atau salah (incorrect)!

1. In front of the house were some giant trees.
2. There a big house is on the corner.
3. In the cave was a vast treasure of gems and jewels.
4. To the north the stream is that the settlers will have to cross.
5. Around the corner are the offices that you are trying to find.
6. At the Italian restaurant was the food too spicy for my taste.
7. Nowhere in the world farmers can grow such delicious food.
8. In the backyard the two trees are that need to be pruned.
9. Around the recreation hall and down the path are the tents where we will be staying this week.
10. In the apartment next to mine a man and a woman were having a heated discussion.

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