Exercise 22 - Make inverted verbs agree

Tentukan apakah kalimat berikut benar (correct) atau salah (incorrect)!

1. Only  once this morning were the letters delivered by the campus mail service.
2. Around the corner and to the right is the rooms that have been assigned to that program.
3. What in the world is the children trying to do?
4. John would be studying the chapters were he able to get hold of the book.
5. This chapter has many more exercises than do the next one.
6. The computer programmer was unaware that there was so many mistakes in the program he had written.
7. Seldom in the history of television has two new comedies been so successful in one season.
8. How many huge mistakes have the teacher actually found in the research paper?
9. The new phone system is able to hold far more messages than was the phone system that had previously been used.
10. In the parking lot south of the stadium was the cars that were about to be towed.

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